Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What a Day! Share My Pain!

Yesterday I attempted to come to you all for a visit and found I could not get into my blog to post and,---- well,  I won't bore you with all the details, but the word frustrating is mild! Since I had a few other things I wanted addressed, went right to the phone and called my " Geek on Call"!  He has been taking care of this monster I work from for a long time--a wonder man!! HELP!  One of the nicest things about him is his kindness.  He may be amused at my inept abilities, but he never laughs out loud!  He comes to the house and works to right my world. I made an appointment for today. 
Since I was having "computer withdrawal syndrome,  a malady that occurs when the companion on my desk is out of line, chasing its own rainbow, or dark with despair,  Mr. Dude and I decided to make a trip to our favorite spot to pick up bird seed. I have bird feeders everywhere and now have a seed bill to prove it! We have now arrived at the time when we have to buy our seed in 40 lb bags, laced with sunflower seed to keep the squirrels and our resident rabbit happy.  Yes, we have a wild brown rabbit who has taken up residence under an outbuilding. He or she is adorable, but so far I have not been able to capture him on film. He occasionally brings home a companion, but I think he or she is a "one night stand" type of guy, She doesn't stay long! We bought rabbit food, but his tastes were for the bird seed   We have traipsed around checking prices, but should have realized we had the source with the best of everything right in the center of town.

This feed company is a huge store and has equipment and supplies for large animals as well as small ones. This is a more metropolitan area now, but was an agricultural area, with huge groves, green gardens, horse stables and a large agro center. The ag center is still in existence and has become a wonderful teaching tool and a place for all sort of animals.The Largo feed store is one of the oldest stores in this area.

I know when the men, who are there every day, and are extremely helpful, see us coming through the door, which we do on a regular basis, mentally clap their hands, they know another 40 pounder is going out the door!  They supply chickens at the right time of the year and chicken houses. I wanted to show one, but was told next week we will  put one together. Guess I will have to come back with that at a later time.I would love to have one, even if just to look at. We are allowed to have chickens here in this suburb, but we are not allowed to have a Rooster. Too bad I always like the sound of a crowing Rooster, it meant the sun was up and I was alive to start another day!

  I grew up in a rural area, the New England Nashoba Apple Valley, and our feed store was a testament to rural living. Our General store, in the center of town sold you everything from meat, groceries, snow shoes, galoshes, bales of hay and John Deere. Oh yes, that is also where you filled up your car or truck with gas.  It didn't look quite like this one.  We have entered a new age,  still are meeting the needs of the public. Every thing is neat and very clean, no wooden barrels in this one, plastic bins, but they are filled with all the things we need to keep our critters happy.
That empty space on the bottom right hand side is now empty because we are taking another 40 lb bag out the door to satisfy the doves, cardinals, wrens, blue Jays, Blackbirds, Sparrows and all others waiting. When I came home, looked out the back door to see Mr. rabbit lying down like a cat, waiting for dinner! 

If you are ever  in Largo, Florida, drop in and see what Largo Feed has to offer.

I feel the need to say, at this point that I am never paid by anyone to advertise, I write about what we do and use. I am not endorsing products just telling you what works for Mr. Dude and I.


  1. What a neat place. I just love going to my feed store to pick up feed.

  2. There's nothing better than shopping local. I just wish all I needed was one 40lb. bag of feed! So much fun, isn't it?