Monday, August 15, 2016


        What is "Truth" and What does it Mean to You ?

If you were to ask anyone today, : What is "Truth”? How many people that you know would say, “ Why it is the foundation of everything we do—it is Biblical! This past Sunday my Pastor gave an excellent sermon on the subject of truth. A Sermon which was thought provoking and encouraged me to think more deeply about this word “Truth” which we use on a daily level. How often we have heard A Mother say “ now tell me the truth” or what is the truth of this situation, the Truth will set you free! What does this really mean? Intellectually are we basing truth on just facts?

In the Bible the book of John 18—37: 38, the Roman Emperor Pontius Pilate, who was a non believer, asked Jesus before his Crucifixion, “What is the Truth”. 2000 years later we still are asking ourselves what is the “Truth” Sadly in this century  we have developed a cynicism about “Truth”. We listen to the leaders of our country and those who want to be leaders, we hear the words of those who teach our children, and we hear those educated men and women who are part of our Judicial system, supposedly fighting for Justice and Truth, and we ask ourselves, “Who is telling the Truth”? Can we accept the truth and are we willing to hear the truth? Do we have the capability to recognize it? We know that facts can be changed and adapted. As our world has become more secular, Truth” has been abused. We humans have managed to distort and manipulate the truth for personal gain, greed, and avoidance of things we cannot face. There was a time when the integrity and honesty of a person and the way they lived their life among others was a measure of their “Truth”.

I have ambled through this life for quite a long time and I have had to cope with and recognize many truths. Some I would like to have ignored, but I have discovered there are no Negotiations with “Truth”.I am not a learned Theologian, I am just a humble Christian and believer. When Jesus becomes the center of your life you realize that he is the “Truth” and the Way” and as believers in him we accept and must return to the Biblical origins of “Truth and accept that as the ultimate “Truth”.

There is a wonderful song” The Air I breathe” by Marie Bennett. I would urge anyone, who can, to listen to it. It will bring you to tears because the Lyrics will tell you a “Truth”.

I make no excuses for my beliefs or for being A follower of Christ. I am aware that not everyone agrees with me. I do not intellectualize my beliefs, it is simply a matter of Faith and knowing my cheering section is the Ultimate “Truth”!