Thursday, January 1, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Famous Ball dropped and 2015 Arrived

The first day of the New Year is already coming to a close, it seems a little anticlimactic after watching, what they said was a million people braving the cold temperatures of Time Square in NYC last night.  How anyone could be cold, rubbing shoulders and playing " Hug a Friend" surrounded by all that body heat is a mystery? I wouldn't know because I was snuggled under the covers with my Mr. Dude, watching the scene from a warm and comfortable vantage point and sipping on a little red wine.( ahem, My Doctor says it is good for me--who am I to contradict that?)

It has always been our custom to stay home or have friends visit or stay in our neighborhood. Usually we are too tired to do much else.. Until the last 15 years we owned a retail store in a mall and our holiday hours were horrendous. Staying home seemed like a gift, because we would be going right back to work the next day. The challenge of paper work, handling returns or listening to the stories of gift recipients who needed to exchange, but didn't want the giver to know, were what sometimes awaited us. Then a customer would come in with their gift certificate or Gift of money looking for just the thing that would make them happy. I miss meeting the customers, it was always a fun time and there was always the excitement of seeing the little children, ready to tell me about their visit to our resident Santa Claus.  We would often meet the college age kids, home from school, of long time customers who would bring them in to meet us. Since I had my own college age son, who would come home, sharing time wasn't easy, but we managed  to make a lot of memories, along with the work schedule.

Now we are living a more leisurely existence, in a different place, always busy, but  differently.Part of the life changes. This year I received the usual informative letters enclosed in Christmas cards. Some unwelcome surprises that has required deep thinking about what the New Year might bring. Today I have written two letters of condolence, one was not a surprise, but one was a shock. In each case it was not easy to put words to paper, some how " Happy New Year" suddenly wasn't happy at all!

Then I began to write some thank you notes. To most people this is becoming a lost art--it is said "well It is much easier to Text" or e-mail".   Hmmm I suppose so, but not for me.  I need to tell the person who gifted me with their time and caring on a nice card, so that they will know how much I appreciated everything that
they have done for me. Somehow it seems like so little in exchange for their kindness.

In spite of the many events that bombard us daily, about things we cannot control or change, but give us angst and a headache. I am very optimistic about this New Year!  I am positive and live in hope that things will improve economically for everyone. People who are looking for a job, will find one. It may not be what they desire, but just to get back into the swing of the work force and feel productive is a good step. Praying always for those facing health issues for themselves or someone they love. We live in a great country, with all of our "warts", until you live somewhere else you never realize what we actually have here. why not ask a service man who is living in another country he did not choose where he wants to be. We tend to take for granted what we have always known, but it is time to think about preserving our great heritage. This may be the year for that to begin!

My New Year began with these,  brought to me, by my sweet and romantic Mr. Dude! He was asked by the clerk if they were for a special occasion, "No he said, it's just because!  This has not been the greatest year for us for several reasons, but when you receive a bouquet of your favorite color of roses, the Sun shines, and love conquers all! It promises to be a very,
                              HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Sending those thoughts to all my friends and followers!