Saturday, August 31, 2013

Peaceful Contemplation after the Rains!

Writing a blog is a labor of love! As a novice at this, but one with a curious mind, I try to think of things that would interest someone else because they interest me. Perhaps that is not the right approach, but since it is my only option I will forge ahead and hope that someone out there will  read my attempts to communicate to others.
This is the rainy season in Florida, every day we can expect thunder and lightning.  Florida is the lightning capital of the country I am told, whatever it is, I respect it! Then the torrential rains will come, this does not mean cooler climes, nooo it means dampness, mud and humidity left behind in it's wake.  In our case it also left behind a roof leak--sorry but just can't think about that at the moment, too depressing to contemplate.

In our attempt to forget roof leaks and all other miseries that life sometimes entails, after the rain,  Mr. Dude and I decided to take a walk through the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo,Florida. It was just before Sun Set. What a beautiful oasis has been created by the many Master Gardners who work daily to keep this a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. This is a free admission to 30 acres of cultivated gardens, and 90 acres of natural environments. There are 150 types of birds, reptiles and mammals and endangered species, including the bald eagle,  that live in this space
In 1991 the concept and acquisition of lands adjoining  county owned lands began. In Dec. 2000 the EastSide gardens were opened to the public.We have a very interesting Tax proposition in this county of Florida. It is voted on by the public and called "Penny for Pinellas". This tax has been responsible for so many contributions to the support of this area, The EastSide garden was one of these, with a cost of 6 million dollars.Some other projects have been support by land management funds
This bridge is a walk way, over McKay Creek,  which brings you into the gardens. Wheelchair friendly makes it possible for everyone to travel safely to see the many different gardens.  Too many to even list, but there is a patio garden, tropical fruit garden, succulent garden and a butterfly garden. Just a few to whet your appetite
A path around the tropical courtyard, Every season of the year there are plants in bloom and carefully tended
This is not the prettiest time of year for some blooms, this is a huge bird of paradise. Every 3 months there are a change in colors as old plants begin to bloom. The Parks and recreation Dept are the primary caretakers  of this huge task, but the Pinellas county Master Gardners Program contribute constant daily care. Each Gardner contributes 75 hours as payment for the instruction program, and then 35 hours per year to maintain that status. Professional Horticultural staff is there for advice and instruction

A small waterspout  in the water lily  and one of the aquatic gardens.
What a beautiful color! Along the way there are benches for your relaxation and is is not unheard of to bring a thermos of coffee to sit and enjoy the last signs of daylight. Peaceful! There are so many things to tell you about this wonderful space, but think I will skip to the Wedding Chapel, where many couples have celebrated their special day. I was lucky enough to be there one day as this was happening, Flowers, decorations, chairs and the right weather day , made The Dude and I want to
step up and re-new our own vows. In the month of December this entire garden facility is a feast of lights and attractions, thousands of visitors make this their yearly visit.  I will re-visit this at that time, but by then it will be chilly and winter jackets will be the norm.

Remember now this is Florida so just had to include this to remind you. This sign sits on the bank of the Aquatic Garden!



  1. Thanks for the lovely tour. Sounds like a place I would be visiting quite often.

    1. Jane this is a beautiful place! Christmas is a fairyland, wish you were closer. Thank you for commenting and for following me.

  2. Sandy, lovely pictures and commentary. I must admit I like my Florida in the wintertime!

  3. I agree, I don't think I could live with snow and cold anymore! Thanks for your comments and for viewing.