Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Must Read for All Women

This week I had a birthday and my Dear niece, an educator,  who knows of my interest in American History and the women of that history, sent me a copy of "ABIGAIL ADAMS" by Woody Holton. A Bancroft Winner Historian. I am originally from Massachusetts so the Adam's family itself has great interest. Most other things written about Abigail have glossed over her most powerful traits and talents. This biography tells of her participation in her own personal declaration of independence and how she was able to amass her own personal fortune. She was not a woman of neutral emotions and this will be made clear in the reading of this fascinating book  I believe the book is available at Barnes and Noble.

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  1. Sounds interesting but I'm hard pressed to find time to read since getting a computer. I would hope I'd find some time once I get rid of all the clutter in this little cottage.