Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Monthly Italian Market Fix-- Please Come Along With Us!

We lived for many years outside of New York City which made it so easy to run in and walk through "Little Italy" and buy fresh pasta, or stop in one of the wonderful bakeries to buy pastries. I would go armed with orders from others, " Oh you are going into the city, will you pick up some Cannoli for me?" We always would find a small restaurant for a pasta dinner, TuTu Pasta comes to mind.

When we moved to this part of Florida it took awhile for us to find places for certain ethnic foods. Swedish foods are almost impossible to find, except for the small amount that Ikea carries. Mr. Dude loves good bakery goods, and meat.  we were told about a market in St. Petersburg that we should visit. We were not told that this would become one of our favorite haunts. I buy my meat from their meat counter, fresh pasta, meatballs, Fresh ground coffee, and so much more. We always stay for lunch.

My best friend and her hubby are also from NYC and we go together, have lunch and shop!! This was our week to make our trek. There is never a time when this place is not busy, so be prepared to share your space with many others, all of us with the same goal,
to enjoy the offerings of Mazzaros Italian Market.
.  Here we enter,  and you will almost immediately see where I order my meat, which they will package while I am "tooling" around Looking for other things to put in my cart,
Now, I ask you, isn't that pretty!  Black Angus beef, home made sausage, stuffed chicken breasts and many  more selections.  As we walk along we come to the cheese room.  Since cheese is like dessert to me, I will have to leave what happens in there to your imagination.The introduction to this room are two 12 foot long 1100 lb. Auricchio Provalone cheeses encased in open crating on each side of the door. One of these will be cut in Dec. 2013.
This room also leads to a wonderful selections of wines. This week, while we were there they were having a wine tasting.

Now is the time to have some lunch.  We went outside to find a table, and enjoy the garden atmosphere . The fans have "mists" attached to them,and even on the hottest day there is a cool breeze. My
Dude picked up "Old Brooklyn" Root Beers for us, while we placed our sandwich orders at the take out counter. I had the Panini of the day. While the sandwiches were being prepared I was on the hunt for meatballs, fresh pasta and fresh ground coffee. The coffee grinder is huge and when grinding, the smell of coffee permeates the air.
The baskets are full,We have eaten our fill, relaxed with good conversation, and now all we have to do is pay our bills.  Walking to check out we pass,The Italian scooters high above the freezer case, the olive oil isle and coffee bar, where you can have a latte and other good things. Next we pass the alcove with the statue of
the caretaker and protector of this place 

I have picked up my meat, passed through check out and paid my bill, the bags are many and full. My shopping is finished for this month  We passed up the bakery with all of its wonderful temptations---hmmm, on second thought I think I will go back and pick up something to have with coffee.  I'll catch up with you outside.  Wait for me I want to show you something out there.

I am not compensated for telling you this, this is what we enjoy and spend time doing and want to share. Why don't you visit Mazzaros on 22nd St in St. Petersburg, Florida
Aren't they adorable. The building is painted as well. This was another great day enjoying the Flavors, and smells of Italian Foods. Oh yes, I won't show you, but I bought a cake and while we have our coffee and dessert we'll think of you.



  1. What a neat place to visit. I love the cars and I am not sure about everyone else, but I really want to see the cake! Or at least hear about it.

  2. Oh my, I can taste that provolone cheese. Now this was a wonderful shopping experience and glad you shared it with us. Okay, was your car the one with the horns?