Sunday, August 11, 2013

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 The banner picture at the top of my blogging page makes me think of  Farm land in my home state of Massachusetts. This could represent any state with rocks, rolling hills and red barns but in fact it is Blekenge, the second smallest province in Sweden. It is in the South East corner and borders Småland, Scania and the Baltic Sea. It is often referred to as the Garden of Sweden because of its Beauty.

I am American born of a Swedish Father who loved America but also loved his country of Origin. His family was and still is from Västergötland. It has been our great joy to be able to know and spend time with my many Swedish cousins in Sweden. The customs of the country were familiar to me, as a young child I thought  everyone had a Father, or my Far as he was called, who ate boiled potatoes and sill, or herring, for breakfast. His name was Carl, his brothers were Gunnar and Harold. Not all Uncles bear the names of Swedish Kings but it seemed normal to me.

At the end of the summer, in this case August, The celebration of Kräftor and Surströmming takes place. We  would just call this a Crayfish extravaganza!
of Tampa will be having their Crayfish Party this month for 9.95. If you want a taste of Sweden this might be a good time to enjoy. If you plan.  to bring your children, they have a special seating section for them .


  1. Hi Sandy! May I live in your banner? What a lovely spot. It's so nice to meet some of your family. I'll be looking forward to meeting more. Take care, my friend.

  2. Hey what fun! I love your banner, too. =)

  3. Hey Kathy--just trying to learn as I go. Thanks for stopping in.