Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Gentle Waves Bringing Peace!

It was 6:00 P.M. after a very hot "muggy" day.   It had been a full working  day at the computer with our internet business, and I was not looking forward to organizing dinner, when my Darling Mr. Dude popped his head in the door of my office and said, " let's go to the beach!  We live very close to the beaches, but frankly very seldom go there.  His enthusiasm was infectious, and how could I say No when he had already packed our smaller cooler bag with bottled water, and packed our current reading material in another bag.  The folding green chairs were already in the back of the Volvo, so what was a "Girl" to do, but tag along.

That hour in the evening is usually a very good one, most people have taken their families home for dinner and the tourists are soothing their sunburns in the privacy of their rented Condos.  When we arrived at the beach in Indian Rocks Fla. we were almost alone.  Parking the car was easy , the parking lot was empty. As we walked down the ramp to the water's edge the most wonderful breeze greeted us and I knew that this had been the best decision we could have made.

This is the scene that greeted us as we walked to the water's edge,unpacked our chairs and settled down to read a chapter or two of the books that we are currently reading. No technical devices for us, we love the feel of a hard cover book in our hands. Birds were flying before us and occasionally a rider on a bicycle would ride by and wave to the two of us. The special larger beach tires making their ride swift and safe for
rider and the sand.
Sitting there in the quiet of the early evening, in this peaceful setting, the stresses of the day began to melt away. The sound of the gentle slap of the waves, the chirping of birds, looking for a tidbit of food that that the lovers of the sun might have left. The splashes of the pelicans who float quietly on the surface and then suddenly dive and disappear for their dinner, could this be the same world that I left just 15 minutes ago?

The evening news at this same time presents us with the sad facts of War torn nations, continuing threats to our own existence, corruption on many levels, of facts which tell us, inch by inch we are losing our individual Rights and the control over our own lives.  The PC police are everywhere and most often do not use common sense or decorum . I come from, what I believe was a better time in our world. We did not have to lock doors, our children could play outside without supervision, every home did not have a gun and we did not carry guns on our person,  we felt privileged to live under the "Stars and Stripes", our precious flag that so many had fought and died for so that I could sit here and feel the beauty of this beach and sea. We believed in the rights of worship. How could we not believe that this wonderful place was created by someone other than ourselves?  Hmm. For this moment in time, I didn't have to think, worry or be stressed about the future of our country and the futures of  our children and Grandchildren. I feel the healing of this beautiful place.
as I look out to the horizon I see the changes coming in the horizon.  Will it rain, I do hear distant thunder, or is this some far away voice agreeing or disagreeing with my thoughts?  Fantasy--think it might be the notice of rain!
Darkness invaded, but we continued to sit and wait for the array of colors that we knew would soon be coming.
God's paintbrush at work!
The rain never came, and we continue to sit and watch this magic until a little after 8:00 P.M. This was better medicine than all the prescriptions we could have been given to relieve the daily stress in our lives. We came home feeling truly blessed to be able to have been able to witness this daily miracle of the "End of Day"


  1. Sandy, thank you for sharing your evening with us. I, too, share the memories of the time that you recall. It's troubling to see how far we've fallen from God's grace. I only pray that it can be regained.

    Your pictures are lovely. I'm glad you and Mr. Dude enjoyed a quiet time to refresh and renew. Thanks for sharing.

    Love to both of you.

  2. Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I remember those days and wish my children and grands could have them as well.


  3. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts with me. I am so happy that the pictures brought pleasure and I was able to show a little part of the world I now live in. Downsizing hasn't been fun, but the beach atmosphere helps. We must never lose faith in the fact that Ultimately God is in control of our world! God bless you both.