Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rush! Rush! Rush! Its that time of Year -----Santa is Coming!

I know that every Mother, every Grandmother and all other Sundry relatives are desperately trying to cram into every day, all the things, we have all forgotten. My time management was poor this year and before I knew it that wonderful Yule Tide season is almost at my door step. Have I finished everything I wanted to---NO! Have I decorated the way I usually do---NO!  Do I feel guilty about that---NO!

I had planned a different type of Saturday, but when I saw that a valiant and old orchid plant had fallen over from the wind last night, my attention was diverted .  This is how this root -bound little darling looked,
This plant is 10 years old, loves to be pot bound, but this is just  a little much!  I did not want to disturb the very healthy roots too much, so soaked the root base in a pail of water for 15 minutes. If there were any dead roots or bugs living in there I would soon know about it. It also enables me to plant more easily. There are clay orchid pots that I like to use. They have side slits for drainage and aeration. Most orchids enjoy being  cramped so the next size up should only have 1/2 to 1 inch all around the outer edge.  This plant will not have to be re-potted again for a long time.  I use a combination of small foam peanuts( not the plastic ones) and tiny lava rock in the base of the pot to enhance drainage , then "special orchid Mix" which I have soaked. This usually is a combination of perlite, bark and charcoal.  I use a plant clamp to steady the orchid in the pot and voila!  It is ready to continue living a full life and bring enjoyment.  There are many types of Orchids and some need different combinations of plant material. If you are really interested in these wonderful plants visit a local Orchid club or grower. You will come away with a wealth of information and probably be addicted for life!

While working with the plant I check under the leaves for any "creatures" that shouldn't be there. Everyone has their own way of handling this, but I personally clean the leaves with cotton balls saturated with Hydrogen peroxide.It is inexpensive and effectual. If I have used scissors, or other utensils on plants that have a problem, they must be cleaned ( I use a bleach solution), if you don't do this, it is much too easy to transfer " the bad guy Germs" to all of your other plants. I use a slow- release fertilizer designed for Orchids.

I am not a professional grower, I am a hobbyist Gardner who loves almost all plants. In the beginning of my orchid growing, I nearly drove myself crazy, cleaning, and such. I later found, most of the time they all like to be left alone with minimal care. During the many years of my Orchid addiction Mr. Dude and I  housed and worked on almost 300 plants.  That is not physically possible for us today, so we content ourselves with a few old favorites.My best friend, who is equally addicted and has a magic green thumb, and I still continue to look and often "drool with temptation" and yes, we sometimes buy--after all how can you resist the gorgeous bloom of a Cattleya, which is Mr. Dude's favorite. Unfortunately this orchid only blooms once a year--the wait is filled with anxiety.
This is how this Dendrobium Phalaenopis looks in its new pot. Standing tall and looking pretty healthy. We should have nice new blooms next year.  Did a little watering, filled the bird feeders and went inside to have a cup of coffee.

Now to continue with unfinished knitting projects that must be packed and sent this week. There isn't any time left for new projects,
Shhhhh, please don't tell what I an sending to them, just praying the hats will fit, and that everything arrives in time. It is difficult when you are not near the ones you love at this time of year. I think of our service people who are in other lands, defending our way of life and our country while they are sacrificing their own family life. How grateful I am for everyone of them!

Coffee cup is empty and Now I will go back to finishing one of the projects above.  When you are rushing around, and feel frustrated and anxious about what you haven't done, STOP, and visit your garden, do something you love, read a passage of scripture or your favorite book and you will suddenly feel peace and know the real meaning of it all!

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  1. I had no idea there was so much involved in caring for an orchid. I do think they're lovely but what a labor of love. Wonderful knitting projects and I love your choice of colors.