Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Galaxy of Holiday LIghts in Largo, Florida

Every year the Pinellas County Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida, is turned into a wonderland of Holiday lights. Bus tours bring people from far and wide, residents of the area wait for this event and make sure the dates are circled on the calender.

Our very close friends traveled from another county to join us for a quick, all American supper. Nathan's All beef hot dogs, in bakery baked buns, buttered on both sides and roasted in an old fashioned iron skillet. Home made french fries , and salad. Nathan's are the best, in my  humble opinion, no preservatives, or extra added ugly things.Gluten free for those who require that listing .The bottom line is this, they are just darned good, as every New Yorker will tell you. We bundled up and layered up, gloves and all because it was more than a little chilly. We hopped in the car, drove a short distance  and here the evening begins. 
This is the walk way into the Botanical Garden. In the daytime water and tropical flora and fauna are visible.As we walked forward,  We were met with a fairyland of color. Remember this is a huge facility with

acres and acres of tropical's, animals and some of the most beautiful plants species you will see anywhere.,  The well established Master Gardeners program provides not only an education, but constant care of the plants and the gardens. There are separate gardens in different areas. You could visit this place many times and not see it all. Adjoining this area is the County Agricultural center. If you have a problem plant or need a plant to be identified, or care advice, the professionals on staff are very helpful, and if they can't find the answer right away, you can be assured they will find the answer before you leave the facility.

As we walked along we entered what is normally the rose garden, and the wedding garden.

This year they have included a lot of entertainment that is appropriate. Folk singers, stationed in different areas, and a very talented Juggler.  The children were fascinated with his performance. This year the Gingerbread lane was introduced, along with Santa and Mrs. Santa. The line was very long for the wait to sit on Santa's knee, but we did take this picture, of Gingerbread figures and lollypops.There was also a train,

  but so much to see, Flamingos, birds and butterflies and of course this fellow.
When we reached the open pavilion we found the Dance club of Largo dancing to big band music. Young and old alike were really showing the rest of us how to stay fit and young.  Our dear friends  who were once great dancers took to the floor for a little whirl. Mr. Dude and I stayed on the sidelines for that one.
And here are some of the club members dancing. Doesn't that look like fun?

. The beautiful water spout, where we had sat and rested, just a week ago, looked glorious in its splendor of color.
The full moon was shining on us all this evening. We met some wonderful people, there were a lot of oohing and aahing, Mr. Dude took many more pictures, we came prepared to enjoy and enjoy we did.  I have tried to show a few interesting things, but if you are in this area, it would be worth seeing. I believe it will be closing after January 1, but you can check the dates by logging on to the Pinellas County Botanical website to see their full schedule. This site and Heritage Village which adjoin each other are two of the Jewels of this county.

We were very tired at this point, we had walked, lingered, and walked some more and now  it was time to go home, put the coffee on  and have dessert ( YumYum, Lemon Pie). A good time was had by all.


  1. That was beautiful. I can only imagine hw it gwould have looked in person. Thank yu for sharing.

  2. Thanks Kim, I wish you were here also, I know you would have had a good time with us. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Wow, that's incredible! What an enormous task but I can only imagine how they feel when it's first lit up. Thanks for sharing a wonderful evening.

  4. Yes Jane, you and Ken would really love what they have done with this botanical garden. I could do a blog about it every week and still not get it all. A peaceful and lovely place. A lot of work for those who participate. Grateful to them.