Thursday, March 16, 2017

Research and Memories

My Sweet hubby and I have been having so much fun! We have boxes of old post cards, probably well over 5000. We have never done much with them, except to enjoy them.  Now we are trying to down size a little and decided to single out and sell some of the cards.  Do you enjoy research--well we both do, and what we find is that nothing else get accomplished once we get started!  Part of the fun for us is the help we have had from others  in identification. Met new and old friends this way. There is a special communication between post card lovers. There are so many classifications that others collect, we seem to be attracted to holidays and and items of past history.

Recently picked out a card that we loved, I thought I had researched well. Posted the card and had a response from someone I knew--"let's check those dates"  "That isn't who you think it is:.  Aha--- the quest begins. The card was in German, which I do not speak,
but using Google Translator was able to find this was the picture
of a royal couple for their 25th Wedding anniversary.

With the help of a German friend on Etsy the identification
became clear. I thought this was an Austrian ruler, but the dates were not correct. This is a picture of Kaiser Willhelm !!! and his wife Augusta Victoria.  They were married February 27th 1881.He was the German Emperor, King of Prussia and she was Augusta Victoria of SchieswigHolstein. She was known in family circles as Dona. Their marriage was to last 40 years, but was not without its problems like most people. When she died, he was heard to say, " no one will know how much I loved this woman".
During this process I learned so much about this couple I felt as if I had known them forever.

This card now belongs to someone else and I hope that they love the history behind it as much as we did. Since the time of the Kaiser's Reign we have had 2 world wars and countless other things that would concern this family and their country. I can't help but wonder what they might think of Germany today.

That is my aimless rambling for today.  How was your day?  I hope something happened to stimulate your quest for knowledge.  Keeps all those brain cells young!  Until next time, treasure every day, have fun and please stop in again.


  1. I love reading your insights and what you have learned. Your love of learning is what keeps you so young!!

  2. Very fun! We have some old postcards, too - including one of the house where we lived.