Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well Well, Does This Mean Spring Has Finally Arrived?

The sun is shining, hopefully the horrendous and torrential rains have peaked, and many of us who now  live in the Land of Sunshine, start to clean up our yards.  We do not have to contend with snow and slush, but heavy rains do leave us with mud and weeds the like of which I have never seen before.

The other day, equipped with gloves, pitchfork, rake and what little strength I could muster, I began the Spring cleanup. It will be much easier next year because Mr. Dude and I have made the decision to only do" Pot Planting" this year. Hopefully this will be a better solution and easier for us to maintain. The results are often  much better, due to the poor soil we constantly have to fortify.. The weeds, in what used to be my Day Lily Garden, looked like a hay field. 

I boldly stepped forward and began to pull the dead weeds away and as I did,, guess who suddenly jumped  out and ran for his life?
Now isn't he cute?  Where is his Mama and why is this baby all my his lonesome?  We had been feeding a larger rabbit last year and suddenly he or she disappeared.  Could this be the result of our full grown Rabbit's wanderings?  

As I looked out the window very early the other morning, Lo and behold, I saw, what I assume is the Mama Rabbit. I think she now sends the "kid"  out to Play every afternoon, while she takes a nap. This little guy is making his appearance, in my garden, every day around 5:30.  I am usually working out there around this time as well. We are learning to tolerate each other . We look at each other, and then sensing my love for Rabbits he goes about the business of eating and I quietly pull more weeds.  I am preparing myself for the day when he grows to womanhood or manhood and leaves us, but in the meantime, I am enjoying his sweet presence in the middle of suburbia. The Baby Easter Rabbit has arrived!  The first sign of Spring, after a very hard winter everywhere. Hope reigns when Baby rabbits are born and the flowers begin to bloom!


  1. Hooray for bunny rabbit!! I'm told rabbits are more capable of existing on their own at a much earlier age than other animals. We have two adults hanging out in the backyard. The smaller of the two tolerates us fairly well. The other is quite shy and will run if I quietly wave. (little snob!) I'm keeping my eyes out for little ones. Haven't had one of the neighbor's dogs running on our property lately so maybe we'll be able to enjoy baby season this year. Good idea switching to container gardening! Hugs to you both.

  2. How adorable! Lots of my birds have come back for the summer - so fun to hear their songs again!