Friday, February 21, 2014

A slight correction to my Bromeliad Family Name

We all know how important family names are to some--guess Bromeliads are no exception to that rule.  Today I received some added information from our Botanical Gardens. The name of my mystery plant  is actually Billbergia Windii. It is one of the oldest hybrids  in the Bromeliad family and is the result of crossing  Billbergia nutans with B. Decora. This was accomplished in 1870 at the National Botanic Garden in Belgium.  I am thrilled to get this new information, now if someone could tell me where I acquired this little gem that would really make my day!  Name or no name, it doesn't really matter to me. It is a beautiful plant. I did not want to mislead anyone with the information I previously recorded.
I thought as long as I was dropping in again, I would bring you some pictures of the interior of our Botanical Garden and Agricultural information center . To the right of this information desk there is a beautiful and quite large Koi  pond. It was feeding time for these beauties.

  Some of these fellows were quite passive and then there were a few that were very aggressive, made it known they were "Top Koi" in the pack.
Below is the rock, man made waterfall that provides a continuous  water flow that keeps every one happy and healthy. Tropical atmosphere and peaceful soothing sounds .

Beautiful display of different types of orchids, which is maintained and constantly changed by the Master Gardeners.  When my Grandchildren were small they loved to come to the Gardens to watch the Koi, and if it was their "lucky Day" to be allowed to feed them!

It was lovely to visit with you again, hope you enjoyed.  See you soon.


  1. I love Koi! They are so peaceful. I have several orchids but I have no idea how to get them to bloom for me. They were blooming when I got them and were beautiful. They are thriving and continuing to grow nicely but no blooms for me.

  2. Hi Kim, Don't be discouraged, some of those beauties take a year to bloom. Try an orchid bloom buster and see if that works. Thanks for visiting--so glad to see you.

  3. What great displays. Now I must not forget to visit one of our local nurseries who has a landscaper creating beautiful waterfalls. The rocks in their garden display area are covered in a beautiful green moss. Thanks for sharing more of your adventures