Friday, November 22, 2013

Neighborhood Kindness and Sharing

In these times of uncertainty  and often strife and worry, it is a wonderful feeling to know that there is an oasis of kindness and love in our small neighborhood. I believe it was 7 years ago that my neighbor and her husband decided to host a meal of celebration. It was a fairly small gathering then. Neighborhood friends, church friends, family and home school friends. One meal became 2 and now I think there are 4. All ages are invited, which I can attest to--we are Grandparents and we have a lot of company.

I met these wonderful people through my son and daughter-in law and count that as an added blessing to our life. Our first introduction was a Morning Brunch, in the "Grand Dining room"! I was asked to bring a breakfast dish that was a favorite. I made a casserole of Bacon, Eggs, and home fries that went over pretty well and when asked, I supplied the recipe.  The "Grand Dining room" was their 2 car driveway!

This past Monday we attended the annual Thanksgiving Dinner celebration! Greeting us, as we arrived, was
 these charming fellows!  You can see , in the background, that a crowd is gathering.  Some of us had not seen each other since the last gathering. A lot of conversation and catching up to do.

Once gathered, at this point there were at least 40 adults and countless children of every age, Our host lead us in a prayer of blessing.
The fellowship that is shared by so many people, and finding new friendships helps to give us a better understanding of people from all walks of life when we are joined together in this spiritual circle.  What a great start to the day! 

Every pot luck dish that appearing was fodder for conversation, "Hmm, that looks interesting, wonder who made that?", "Oh, my, try this, it is delicious", I heard that often.  The hostess and Host supplied the Turkey and ham--all side dishes came from the guests. Just a few to list were, salads, mashed potatoes, corn puddings, stuffing, cranberry sauce, muffins, gravy, green bean casserole, and do not forget Yams and glazed carrots.  We couldn't get a good picture of the buffet table because, it was crowded from the first Moment. "ladies first"
The term " Groaning Board" was certainly appropriate.  There were tables set for those of us who wanted table seating and then there were those who preferred picnic style under the shade of the tree. I am afraid that some of us might have wanted to join them, but knew that once down, probably would never be able to get up!!! It is those old knees that tell us that, but these young ladies did not have any problems at all.

A group of boys played ball, conversations flowed, and friendships renewed. The group continues to grow.
The mail lady came ti deliver the mail and she was given a plate of lunch, Other neighbors shared their driveways for cars, and didn't mind kids running and chasing the balls. People walking by were asked, " would you like to join us, there's plenty"?  Mr. Dude and I feel so special to have been invited to be part of this, and I am convinced that if more neighborhoods participated in this type of thing, there would be more understanding and more caring and love to share. This is an amazing couple with children of their own who have made it their mission to bring people together in fellowship. Yes it is work, but I am gratified in the results. We all go home, with wonderful memories and look forward to the next time.  Cindy our Hostess always sends us home with a little bag of pleasure. Mine had chocolate, yummy!

.Yesterday I received our invitation for the Christmas eve Morning brunch. I am already thinking of what I will be bringing. The only thing that will be missing will be my own children and Grandchildren, but I know that there will be hugs and love from those around us, and another celebration will begin.  Yes, this is a busy time of year, and most of us can't afford to have 40 people for breakfast, but when you share the way this is accomplished think of the gift you can bring to so many in this season.!  At the end of the day, it isn't the materials possessions that will matter, it will be the gift of love, friendship, kindness  and helpfulness that we share with others. Truly what life is all about--try it, you will like it!


  1. Beautiful gathering and beautiful post! My daughter and son-in-law have done similar things in their neighborhoods. Such a blessing to all who attend!

  2. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life and love with us.

  3. Oh how I yearn for those days when I was a little kid. The children ran freely (over the creek and through the woods) and, if you were sitting outside, neighbors always came by. Christmas caroling was a big event and we often sang to empty homes since everyone was outside singing.
    It's wonderful knowing that somewhere this still exists, thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words, Sandy. Everyone so enjoys the gatherings but little do they know that we are always the ones that come away with the biggest blessing. What an honor it is to be able to host this, to have such wonderful people in our lives to invite and such gracious people that don't mind putting up with less than perfect circumstances in which to gather.

    A couple of our hopes in doing this is that people who are not connect but should be can get acquainted and that others that do not live in our neighborhood will take this idea back to theirs. How great would it be if we could start this happening in many more neighborhoods. I think so many people today are crying out for a sense of community but don't know how to achieve it. Sometimes I think Martha Stewart has done us a great disservice by creating perfect hosting situations and it scares people from even trying.

    At the end of the day, it is all about Jesus and His love for us and we are just vessels carrying that to others! Thank you again for coming and for loving on us! Can't wait for Christmas!!!

  5. Thank you Cindy for your welcome comments. It was an awesome day and we
    look forward, with great anticipation to Christmas! Love and Hugs to you and yours.