Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Delights of Frozen Yogurt

The weather, in this part of the world, has been dreary, cold and rainy the last three days, what better way to lift the spirits than getting out and about.
  Our darling family decided a treat was needed ! They have this amazing spot they wanted to surprise us with. It is called "Sweet Frog" Located in Midlothian, Virgnia.

The minute you walk through the door your taste buds begin to salivate with the thoughts of what is to come. A bank of  self serve pumps deliver a host of frozen yogurt flavors never heard of before.
Mango, cookies and cream, pumpkin, peanut butter, strawberry, cake batter, latte and raspberry are only a few.

I chose Mango and raspberry.  Then the next best thing to come are the case of condiments which you may add at will. What a temptation this is  not for the diet conscious.
As you can see, there are just too many little
goodies to list, Fruit poppers, candied walnuts and granola were my choices, but there is every form of nut, fresh fruit, and candy you can imagine.

Since Mr. Dude and I were guests I am not sure just how this works, but we were required  to
have our filled cup weighed, which I assume is how the  cost is determined.  It would not be very "cool" to ask , so I just enjoyed and said
Thank you, Son.
Not only can you buy the sweets, tee shirts and hats are available.  We had such a good time and left with a satisfied smile for several reasons. Not only was the dessert of the evening delightful and fun, making all those decisions, Sweet Frog has another meaning and here it is!

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  1. Sandy, why did you do this? There is one in the strip mall just as we get to town, right next to the grocery store. I deliberately didn't go in and now I've been there!!! Self's all about self control. I know I can, I know I can....